Monday, August 30, 2010

Tacos y Mas

Alright so the first Taco Place I am going to review is Tacos y Mas (thats tacos and more for you non Spanish speaking people)  So I wasn't very interested in the 'mas' part but I more interested in the taco part. This place is Located in East Dallas. Right off I-30 at the intersection of Winslow and Samuel. I'm not sure if it is still called Tacos y Mas, It used to be. Now it just says tacos. So anyways I get to the place and I go to order I got the three taco plate. I chose Al Pastor for the meat (personal favorite of mine). It came with rice and beans and a can of coke. Cost was $8. It felt kind of pricey but I'd back up to $10 for some really good tacos. So I get home and look at my food. 
I was really disappointed. I'm not sure what kind of meat I got but it wasn't al pastor. I know my tacos, trust me. This meat was all dry and clingy. There was no sign of pineapple. I almost didn't eat it but I wasn't going to waste $8. So I ate the tacos. I enjoy salsa, they gave me some green chili salsa in a little container. The salsa wasn't even hot. I could drink it straight and not be effected. Again disappointing. I took one bite of the rice and didn't bother with the rest. The beans were actually the best part of the meal. That's the really sad part about all this. Now I have ate at the place before, and it used to be pretty decent(and cheaper), and I also ate there two more times just to make sure it wasn't some off day or something. But alas apparently they are under some kind of new management and their quality has gone WAAAY down.

So my advice. Don't even bother with this place it is not even worth the try.  
Rating: 2/10-D

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