Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Call of duty 4 : Galactic Warfare Mod

I think this is just epic. Been a fair of Star Wars since I was 5.
I'm not sure what they have been doing with the SW: Battlefront  series lately,
but this is really what it should have been. Sure this is just COD4 reskinned but it shows
where the Battlefront games could do.
Lets get it together Lucasarts 


  1. I love when they put out new mods to old games, makes the replay value so cool.

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  2. thanks for the insightful comments on my blog... best of luck on yours!

  3. this actually looks pretty good for a mod, just epic reskins and mapping and a few sprites n shiz but still good :D I agree with swarmster :]

  4. i think star wars is a pretty cool guy...

  5. im da best

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  6. Holy crap that's epic. I'm a huge fan of SWBF, and of COD4. Combining them is just win.
    Just dropping by to show my respect and support for a fellow blogger ;)

  7. Haha, nice way to incorporate starwars with COD. Not a fan of playing/watching either usually, but the video was quite interesting. :)

  8. makes me want to get cod4 for the comp so i can download that plugin!
    Showing my support for a fellow blogger!

  9. needs more lazer sword

    and uhm.. check my blog i discovered sumfin which is pretty much likely to drive me nuts! ( or is about to drive my nuts back to.. ahh nvmd =

    smoochies and well creamy poopies :*

  10. This is awesome... battlefront like this would be cool

  11. I'm a huge star wars fan, and I love mods.
    great post man
    nice to see this

  12. butts


  13. I believe I been through a whole line of gaming blogs tonight. Popular topic, non?

    But that's awesome, I'd love to give it a spin if I have the time!