Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tour log day 14 of 25

||||Note, I should have started this on day one, but I didn't I'm going to start at a more then halfway point||||

:: What went down on days 1 - 13::
          --Played in Austin 
          --Stayed at our Tour Manager's brothers house, and I am pretty sure he is a drug dealer
          --Left Austin and went up to Dallas and played a big festival
          --Left Dallas, played shows in Louisiana and Jacksonville, Florida 
          --Chilled in Orlando for a few days, stayed with another one of our TM's brothers
                    watched a lot of Star Wars and Back to the Future.
          --Went to Tennessee and stayed at a Tattoo Shop, our TM and Drummer got some tattoos done
          --Went from Tennessee to North Carolina Stayed at this 3 story mansion for a few days and did   some
                     interviews for that girl interviews

Now that brings us to the present. At the moment currently getting packed up to go to New York City. We have a decent showcase set up there so it should be pretty interesting. The last half of the tour kinda stinks because we no longer have any days until we get home. Hopefully New York will treat us well, and hopefully we will find a place to stay while we are there. Off to my 9 hour drive!


  1. Have a good time in New York, heard a lot of good things about that city.

    Though the 9 hour drive does not sound pleasant.

  2. Holy crap, sounds like things are going great! Go get famous and stuff, and don't forget us okay? XD

    Ah who am I kidding, if you get rich and famous we are gone! :P If it does happen, then power to ya!

  3. Lol, skip us to day 14, I want to see more so try and log more, w00t

  4. Good work man

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